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Wave Light Package

Set into a decorative SoftTread™ insert, this laser LED light provides a warm and inviting glow to the exterior of your swim spa at night and looks great as part of your backyard design. The Wave Light Package is available for most deep swim spa models. Виж повече

Velocity Injector Plate

HD Performance in an SD World Think about a high-definition, flat screen TV versus a standard-definition, color tube TV. One, you couldn’t wait to hang on your wall, and made your house the preferred location to catch the big game or don’t-miss season finale. Виж повече

Introducing The Axis® Cover System by Master Spas

The World’s Best Swim Spas Just Got Better Master Spas swim spas just got easier to use! The new Axis® Cover System makes it simple for almost anyone to handle their swim spa cover. Виж повече

SoftTread™ by SwimDek®

Continuing our trend to make the best even better, we've really raised the bar with the optional SoftTread™, Nonslip, Comfort Floor System by SwimDek®. This system provides better grip, traction, and comfort on both the steps and floor of the swim spa. Виж повече

Fusion Air and Sounds

What Fun Sounds Like The Fusion Air Sound System is an option with any H2X model. This system includes four interior water resistant speakers and a subwoofer to maximize the sound quality. Виж повече


Life can be busy but it should not get in the way of taking time for yourself. H2X Fitness Swim Spas provide a calming retreat where you can find relief from muscle aches and achieve peace of mind. Experience the best of hydrotherapy with adjustable temperature controls and thoughtful jet placement. Виж повече

Pure Water - water purification system by Master Spas

Using EcoPur® Charge filtration reduces the amount of chemicals needed, saving you money each month and safeguarding your investment by protecting the swim spa’s plumbing and equipment against the corrosive effects of chlorine. Виж повече

Energy Efficient Swim Spa

Master Spas builds our swim spas to be used year-round in every possible climate. Environmentally-friendly Icynene foam insulation makes H2X Swim Spas by Master Spas among the most energy efficient swim spas in the industry. Виж повече

H2Xercise System

Once in the water, you’ll find that the H2X has a large flat floor with no hidden obstacles, making it the perfect choice for a variety of fitness exercises. You can jog in place against a gentle current, use a kickboard or use the H2Xercise System that includes a rowing kit, resistance bands, H2Xercise Bells, H2Xercise Fins, the H2Xercise Aquatic Workout book and comes standard with all models. Виж повече