Velocity Injector Plate

HD Performance in an SD World

Think about a high-definition, flat screen TV versus a standard-definition, color tube TV. One, you couldn’t wait to hang on your wall, and made your house the preferred location to catch the big game or don’t-miss season finale. The other is gathering dust in your garage. They both call themselves TVs, but which one did you prefer?

Can you recall the first time you watched a show in full HD and then switched back to an SD channel? You may have thought your TV was broken, your eyes had gone bad or BOTH. Meet the world’s only HD swim spas, the H2X Series in Hi-Def, by Master Spas.

Velocity Injector Plate

Introducing the world’s only high-definition line of swim spas, the H2X Series by Master Spas. No other jetted swim spa even comes close. Our VIP Technology brings you HD performance in an SD world.

Here’s How it Works:
The Velocity Injector Cones, along with the water flowing through the jets, help to create negative pressure around the perimeter of the jet face allowing water to be pulled through the front grill, into the main water stream. The result is an IMPRESSIVE 45% performance increase over a standard jetted swim spa.